13 Multisensory Ways to Share the Purpose or Driving Question:

When you want to share the purpose or driving question of your website or writing project, there are many ways that you can do this. Here are a few (add your own!)
  1. Write it. State it in a highlighted box on your site’s homepage or project start page.
  2. View it. Record a video trailer using the trailer feature in iMovie or another program.
  3. Link it. Put a link at the “footer” shown on every page.
  4. Hand it out. Put the purpose on a paper handout as you introduce the site or project.
  5. Share examples. Link to a “hall of fame” showing pages that most effectively meet the purpose or driving question.
  6. Share the vision. Email parents about the site’s purpose or project’s driving question and copy students.
  7. Speak it. Record an audio message to students or parents.
  8. Show it. Display a compelling photograph or graphic.
  9. Hear from peers. Include written, audio, or video quotes from prior or current students about the site or project.
  10. Wear it. Create a Tshirt or wearable item with your site name, purpose, or that ties in in a physical way to your site or project. From a colored rubber band around the wrist to a funny pin, sticker, or a creative bandana you can do something – especially if the students are approaching the task or site as a team.
  11. Eat it. Bring something edible relating to your theme or topic. (See my gooey eyeball example at the end of this chapter.)
  12. Hear it. Play a theme song for the site or activity you’re promoting.
  13. Smell it. Use a scent to trigger a concept. For example, talk about the “sweet smell of kindness” when you have students comment on each other’s work and share the meaning behind effective commenting. Because smell is such a primal sense, it can be used selectively for impact. Be safe (candles are pretty much a no no) and be sensitive (some students are sensitive to some smells) but you can use the sense of smell too.