Thank you for joining us at ISTE 2014.

Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher
Theresa Allen @tdallen5
Wendy Gorton @wikispaces
Eric Ablett @wikispaces



Welcome & Backchannel

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Who are you?

  • Roles: Teachers, Librarians, Admins, IT Integrators, Others?
  • Age Levels: Elementary, Middle/ High, College
  • Needs: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Survey the Audience to determine roles, needs, and age levels, point out joining the wiki for today - 2-3 minutes - Vicki Davis Welcome.


I. Wikis and Collaborative Writing Spaces: What does the research say - 5 minutes- Vicki Davis

As we’re getting participants in and checking in backchannel.
A. Facilitating Discussions (the 4 turn in discussion rule from Justin Reich)
B. What does “collaborative” look like

II. The new face of wikis: collaborative classrooms - Wendy & Theresa- 10 minutes

Theresa Allen's Resources for this Presentation

A. Anatomy of a Wiki Page

1. Overview the Wiki Page from a Teacher’s perspective
2. Use Primary Collaborations as example
3. Using Invite Codes -- Wendy

Wendy's Slide Deck

B. Anatomy of Wikispaces Classroom- Wendy

1. Real Time monitoring
2. Project Based Assignments
3. Integrated social networking
4. Wikispaces Classroom in Practice: Theresa Allen

C. Sneak Preview of Something New & Exciting - Wendy

III. Be Simple and Scalable - Wendy Gorton / Vicki Davis - 10 minutes

A. Assignments & Templates - Vicki

Physics of the Future - Assignments
Gamifi-ed - Templates (mention duplic full wikis)
>> Repeating messages with Blanket Announcement
>>Get Tricky with Wikis

B. Projects & Teams - Vicki

Gamifi-ed Projects

C. Tags & "Guilds"

D. Setting up users - Theresa

E. Private Label Wikis -- Wendy

-- Duplicating whole wikis (and fixing problems that can happen) - Wendy & Vicki
-- Joining.
-- INvite Codes

III. Digital Citizenship in a Wiki World: Common Mistakes and how to teach students to solve them - Vicki Davis and Theresa Allen - 10 minutes

A. Troubleshooting is Higher Order Thinking - Vicki

B. Wiki Wars

>> Elementary and Middle Classroom - Theresa Allen
>> High School - Vicki Davis

C. Drilling down in Revision history - Vicki Davis

D. Using Recent Activity - Theresa Allen

>> Student Put their Name in Revision History
>> Turning in their work (Edmodo or Google Form)

E. Considering good faith - Building Community - Vicki

F. Getting students to engage - Theresa

i. Vocaroo and engagement. - Theresa
i. Joining and added content - Theresa
ii. Finding teams or groups - Theresa

V. Speedsharing: Wikis today 12 minutes

A. Speedshare Round 1: Theresa Allen (4 minutes)
B. Speedshare Round 2: Vicki (4 minutes)

C. Speedshare Round 3: Wendy (4 minutes)
D. Backchannel Speedshare (moderator mention those)

Q&A - Remaining time