There are communities of educators participating in writing communities where best practices are discussed and current knowledge is shared. Here are a few of those communities, feel free to add your own. Some of them are not exclusively writing but are where people connect to create writing projects.
A resource site for Collaborative Writing in the Cloud: An essential guidebook (with Common Core Standards) by Vicki Davis published by Eye On Education in Winter 2012. Sign up to receive a notice when it arrives.
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National Writing Project Community

A free community that is part of the US-based National Writing project group.


National Council of Teachers of English

A community part of this US organization where people discuss writing and other topics unique to US English teachers.


Classroom 2.0

One of the largest online communities of educators in the world.


Flat Classrooms Global Network

The network where teachers who want to collaborative globally join together. Many of them follow the pedagogy as outlined in the book Flattening Classroom, Engaging Minds.


Global Education Conference Community

An annual online conference where best practices are shared in many areas of collaborative work.

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