What is a hyperlink?

A hyperlink also called a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the underlined text that takes you to another place on the web. When writing, teach students to write contextually with hyperlinks and not waste space. Text without attributions and hyperlinks is called "dead text."

For example, don't do this.
The previous sentence wasted space and didn't tell anything about the topic. It is a holdover from handouts that are printed where we needed the entire URL spelled out.

Instead, do this.
In the second example, the important links where people may be curious to know more become the hyperlink.

(More on this in Chapter 3, Community of Practice - teaching students how to hyperlink and where it should go is an important part of web writing.)

How can you hyperlink?

Most cloud apps have a link or hyperlink button that looks like a link in a chain. It is a standard button, but students should learn to look for it.

Hyperlink Method #1

A) Copy the hyperlink from where you want to link by right clicking on the URL in your box and selecting Copy. (Ctrl + C also works on a PC)
B) Go into your blogging software and highlight the words you want to hyperlink.
C) Find and click your hyperlink button.
D) A dialog box will pop up, click in the place for your URL and right click and select Paste. (Ctrl + V also works on a PC.)
E) Click OK.

Hyperlink Method #2

Sometimes, like in commenting, you need to manually enter the hyperlink using HTML code. Don't let that scare you, I've taught it to middle schoolers! Just look at the chart below.
like to teach the concept of HTML like a bird's nest. The Tags are the sides of the nest and the precious eggs are the words in the middle. You have to have both sides of the nest or the eggs aren't safe.
(Advanced people skip this.)external image htmlurls.jpg

Remember, Type it exactly as shown. Instead of my URL, http://coolcatteacher.blogspot.com use yours. The words that you want to be underlined are "nested" in between the bracketed "tags." I tell my students that they are building a little nest and all of the birds in the nest are treated the same! If you type in the information above it will look like this.

Cool Cat Teacher

The converse of this is not to overhyperlink! It annoys me how Wikapedia links to sometimes irrelevant facts to the topic at hand. Link to relevant, meaningful information and always link to the blog of someone you quote! It's good netiquette!