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What is a hashtag?
Hashtags are some of the most exciting sources of information for teachers. After they learn the simple way to use them, most educators just say "wow." Don't let it overwhelm you, just check it sometimes when you're ready to learn.

A hashtag begins with the number sign (#) also called a hash and is a way that people can follow conversations on Twitter without even being a member. This is not unique to Twitter, however, as websites like Google Plus and Pinterest now use hashtags.

How can I see hashtag conversations?

By going to http://search.twitter.com you can type in a hash and follow the conversation. Each hashtag below is linked to the appropriate search on Twitter.

Common Hashtags

Hashtags for Writing Teachers

The following hashtags are common hashtags for writing teachers.

#ccchat - Creative Commons Chat conversations
#engchat - Conversations for English Teachers
#commoncore - Common core topics
#engteacher - English teachers
#tlchat - Teacher librarian chat

Hashtags for those Who Write

You'll find all kinds of people with a passion for writing in these hashtags
#writing - A very helpful, popular hashtag about all types of writing. If you're looking for modern day tips to share your students, this is a great resource.
#writechat - General chat about writing
#amwriting - People share what they are writing. "I #amwriting a book on teaching collaborative writing" would be a tweet Vicki Davis, author, might send.
#writetip - General writing tips
#writegoal - A hashtag where people share their writing goals and how they did. Authors encourage each other. A great site to show to students who may not realize people write in the real world. Sometimes you'll see an author you recognize.
#writers - Conversations to and from writers

General Hashtags in Education

#edchat - General education discussions
#flatclass - Global collaboration in education
#infolit - Information literacy
#literacy - Literacy discussions
#edreform - Education reform topics

Lists of Hashtags for Educators


Jerry Blumengarten

Jerry is one of the most helpful people and is @cybraryman1 on Twitter and keeps an updated list of hashtags for educators


Alan November

This education technology pioneer has a simple one page handout summarizing popular hashtags in education


Daily Writing Tips

40 Twitter hashtags for writers by Daily Writing Tips, a mainstream writing blog that will keep you interested.

Who do I follow on Twitter?

There are so many great people talking about writing on Twitter that it would be a challenge to list them all. So, instead, I'm sharing some twitter lists or regular lists on websites talking about people to follow on Twitter. Lists let someone else do the research for you and create a list of people around a certain topic, then you can follow just the list (so you don't have to follow each person) or you can look at the people on the list and follow individuals. Here are some lists of writing related people from Twitter.

Twitter Lists relating to Writing