Who should join:

If you are interested in collaborative writing or working with the tools, please request to join this wiki by stating who you are and why you wish to join in here. If you're not approved promptly, feel free to tweet me a message@coolcatteacher and I'll speed up the approval process.

What should go on this site?

This site is intended to be a resource to help writing teachers teach collaborative writing and connect with online networks of other teachers. Here are the places that need some work right now. When you join, pick one:
  • Writing Communities - The communities where people who teach writing join. We may also want to list communities where students write.
  • Writing hashtags - Recommended hashtags, lists of hashtags, and twitter lists of people who can help the writing teacher.
  • Writing projects - A list of projects where kids can write by grade level.
  • Contributors - Please add your name, what you do, and when you joined to our contributors page so that people can know who you are.
  • Best practice examples - Good examples of collaborative writing


A recorded webinar: Common Core in the Cloud is available and two presentations on this topic are embedded below for your review.
Common Core in the Cloud
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Collaborative writing and common core standards in the classroom slideshare
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