Here are just a few ways you can empower students as teachers. Add your ideas.
  1. Use a screencast program like Explain Everything or Screencastomatic to have students record screen tutorials.
  2. Have students take photographs of work at each stage
  3. Have students write about how to do something (add pics and videos)
  4. Have students create a video about it
  5. Have students teach another group of students (multi age groups work well here)
  6. Have students educate teachers or adults about the topic
  7. Have students answer questions posted by other students or people on the web
  8. Have students create a tutorial including video, audio, writing
  9. Have students create a resource wiki or website
  10. Have students assemble a resource notebook to share with others
  11. Have students create a dramatic play or performance teaching how to do it
  12. Have students record an online "radio show" (podcast) covering the topic